Some of you may have heard of LuLaRoe already, and some of you might be totally clueless. For those of you who have not heard of this company, here is a small overlook of it.
~ LuLaRoe is a clothing brand that started all because of a single mom called DeAnne Stidham. She was raising seven children and trying to balance work and being a mom at the same time. She met a pair of dress wholesalers and from there LulaRoe was born.
~ LulaRoe is more than just a clothing company. It focuses on merging style and comfort. Designed to make women of all sizes feel beautiful. The clothing is made all over the world. From Korea to Guatemala, to US and Vietnam, together LulaRoe is blessing over 100,000 families.
~ One of the unique things about LulaRoe is that they only produce about 5,000 pieces of clothing from a given fabric design. Then they ship it to their consultants that are located all over the US. We do not pick what patterns we get just the sizes =) So it is like Christmas every time we get a new box in the mail.
There is so much more to this company and I am excited to share it all with ya’ll. I will be posting more facts about LuLaRoe as I await my call to become official and receive my inventory.
Thank you all for joining me in this journey!


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